Portland, Oregon
I love people, problems, and
partnerships. AWS Serverless Hero
Serverless Chats with Jeremy Daly,
2019 AWS re:Invent, December 2, 2019
I am Farrah a connector of people, solver of
problems, and love working in tech. I love
working with so many that work to solve
incredibly challenging problems every day.
People who motivate me to learn new skills,
accomplish tasks I never dreamed possible,
Serverless Superhero, How
and to want to be a better person. I have
Serverless is breaking down
been honored to speak all over the world
barriers in tech January 6, 2019
sharing my passion for focusing on what
Sharing the Cloud: Fundamentals
matters, keeping an open mind, continuous
and Implications of Serverless and
desire to learn, and to lead with a smile.
BlockChain March 5, 2019
Open Mind Open Doors, Ignite,
Technology Association of Oregon,
May 16, 2019
• Built relationships and fostered trust with key individuals,
partners, customers, and the broader DevOps and
Serverless Communities
Open Mind Open Doors,
• Built a well known brand for Stackery.
Devops Days Dallas, August 21, 2019
• Secured two AWS Dev lounge talks for Chicago Summit
and NYC Summit
Serverless State of Mind, Sydney
• Invited to speak on main stage at Serverlessconf, knew
Serverless Days August 27, 2019
Danielle had interest and included her
• Masterstream innovation story at re:Invent for two
separate talks
Serverless State of Mind, Serverless
• Obtained and developed 6 case studies with Stackery
Architecture Conference -
Berlin October 14, 2019
• Serverlessdays Global Organizer
• Invited to speak at re:Invent, included Danielle
• Being the first non “technical” AWS Hero
Leveling up with Serverless,
• Connected with AWS User Groups from around the world,
Serverlessconf NYC, October 9, 2019
including India, Australia, Singapore.
• Successfully grew and brought in top talent for the
Transforming Careers and
Serverless Architecture Meetup
Communities with Serverless, 2019
• Renewed and expanded multiple accounts generating
AWS re:Invent, December 5, 2019
50% increase in revenue.
1 year 9 months
Ecosystems Director I March 2019 - Present (1 year)
Responsible for continuing to accelerate our business with Amazon Web Services and other strategic partners. Playing a
key role in supporting the company’s growth, business development, developer advocacy, and market leadership.
Ecosystem Manager I June 2018 - Present (1 year 9 months)
Portland, Oregon Area
Responsible for establishing a relationship with Amazon Web Services and other strategic partners. Playing a key role in
supporting the company’s brand, growth, strategic expansion, and market leadership.
TechfestNW I TechFest Speaker Liason and Business Development I 2014 - Present (6 years)
• Identify and secure sponsorships.
• Cultivate relationships with speakers to increase interest. • Community Engagement.
Reflect Technologies, Inc. I Customer/People Operations I June 2016 - June 2018 (2 years 1 month) Portland
• Work with the CEO to build and execute on the company's strategic and operation plans.
• Work with the company leadership team to build organizational capabilities. • Lead the e orts of recruiting, training,
workflow transformation, and deployment.
• Oversee the company’s internal day-to-day and strategic and client operations.
• Drive resolutions to day-to-day questions, issues and needs, providing real- time guidance and ensuring collaboration with
teams in other departments when applicable.
• Manage and support various internal and client projects focusing on expanding volume.
Chirpify I Director of Operations I August 2015 - July 2016 (1 year)
Portland, Oregon Area
• Managed the day to day, Accounting, HR, and Facility operations.
• Acted as HR advisor and provided leadership during times of rapid change and high uncertainty.
• Collaborate with key business partners operating as the strategic voice across cross-functional teams including project
plans, timelines, and budgets. • Created the best possible employee experience that was inclusive and supported learning
and developing.
• External branding - coordinate and manage internal and external community events.
• Full cycle recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement, benefits administration, and other HR nerdery.
• Developed new business relationships and worked as our brand ambassador.
• Proactively identified employee conflicts and facilitated discussions to resolution.
RipFog, Inc. I Office Manager I February 2015 - July 2015 (6 months)
Portland, Oregon
Assist the startup company in organizing the business and o ce operations. Handle administrative and o ce management
duties, including calendar management, booking travel, and budgeting. Managing relationships with property management
and vendors, planning and executing office events. Curator of awesome in the office providing stellar internal customer
service. I also assist with Q&A and whatever else is needed - I am the Jack of all trades and pride myself on stepping up to
the plate and handling whatever is needed with ease.
JBG I Account Manager I 2013 - January 2015 (2 years)
West Linn
PacificSource Health Plans I Health Services I January 2007 - 2012 (5 years)
• Assess/analyze resource constraints/capacity and pharmacy plans. Build pharmacy products for new groups and plans and
maintain any changes necessary with PBM.
• Implemented and Maintained new Coordination of Therapy Policy and Process for large groups.
• Brought first Self Funded Options group onto new PBM platform and was key in the design, implementation, and plan of
• Primary liaison for pharmacy benefits Management Company, pharmacies, physicians, and others in order to apply benefits,
and assist with pharmacy benefits determinations and questions.
• Assisted marketing with responding to RFP's and was a member of all large group implementation for new and existing groups.
• Maintain all Pharmacy Stats, Audits, and Reports and train new employees.